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Now you can find us on the maritime side of Dortmund, Nestled between Hörder Castle and Phönix Lake. In the Office buildings newly built by friend love we have found our home, that Office comfort combines with connection to the historic Hörder district, central infrastructure and an incomparable atmosphere at Lake.

Our new address is:

Hörder Castle InStr. 9, 44263 Dortmund.

We are looking forward to your visit in our new premises. For ourselves and for you here a prelude in the beautiful new surroundings, found on YouTube:


Our solution Locatech Contract management – LVM for Microsoft SharePoint and Office365 is now available with new features available. Now also a technical and legal examination and release, as well as an approval process is configured according to the four eyes principle.

A separate module of "Risk management" allows the recording of, Validation and assessment of contract risks with an integrated evaluation and a logger of last running Vertragsaudits.

Contracts are distinctions between fixed-term and open-ended contracts now possible to, and reminder of the termination of the contract can set up and with a Email-Notification be configured.

And finally made significant improvements to the graphical analysis options. So, data consolidations are possible now, the complex analysis of contract data directly in the LVM interface allow. So far for this purpose an export and processing was required to Excel.

Along with the new features further improvements to the professional workflows have been made. The contract management of LVM is both under Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013 as well as under Office365 can be used.

If you are interested in this product please contact us, email sales@locatech.com, or just call +49 231 70022260! We look forward to the conversation.

We have decided, to put our current vacancy once directly on the homepage. 2012 for us, it starts with exciting customer projects, and our product development team also needs to be strengthened. We appreciate hearing from you!

The team of the Locatech IT solutions

Are looking for an IT company, that uses a solid and future-oriented business model opportunities, through the development of enterprise resulting 2.0 solutions and cloud computing?

If you are interested in one of the following activities, Please read on:

  • SharePoint expert/consultant for implementing SharePoint projects and customer support

  • JavaScript/Web UI expert in free cooperation

We are looking for employees, they like on the seam between the organizational Requirements the companies on the one hand, and the technical implementation of future-oriented IT-Solutions on the other hand work. People, that can also communicate with non-technical customers and who are at the same time, skills and competences in modern software development. Staff, they not only with mind, but also with heart and enthusiasm to implement solutions in the interest of our customers.

We offer you a Workplace 2.0. Our philosophy of cooperation is characterized by sharing knowledge and continuous learning. You will find no classical hierarchy and no fixed working hours or locations here. You work project-oriented, Usually in our Office, but also remote from the Home Office and occasionally in missions at the customer's site. You sustainably contribute to the project- and corporate success in enjoying appropriate freedom to design your work. We are convinced, that such an environment is essential, to as Knowledge workers to be able to be productive.

Our goal is a balance between concentrated work on the one hand and on the other hand a creative and communicative atmosphere. We consider also no clear border between internal and external. As a freelancer or business partners, you are welcome as well as employees in a permanent position. If you feel you have after reviewing our corporate website, Your profile and your skills match our company, We appreciate hearing from you.

Note for recruitment agencies/recruiters: We are looking for the direct How to contact with to employees and ask, to refrain from contacts!

We are seeking employees for the following activities. Please send your application documents, Project references, Profile, Curriculum vitae or other informative documents on your person in electronic form on arbeitsplatz20@locatech.com:

SharePoint expert/consultant for implementing SharePoint projects and customer support

You want innovative exciting customer projects or as a part of our product development team Web 2.0- and process solutions on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint implement. You appreciate a communicative, focused on knowledge sharing and open work environment and work with the latest technologies (Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, SharePoint 2010). You're ready, To assume responsibility in projects or for product components, and are able, competent and sympathetic development to coordinate and communicate. You will be able, Their knowledge in the form of specialised training courses to pass on.
You have a background in software development and have at least 2 Years practical experience in the development of solutions for Microsoft SharePoint. You are well familiar with the SharePoint object model, the development of SharePoint receivers, Timer or workflow is well known to you, You can tell, How to programmatically generate ContentTypes, etc.. These are just examples – Not all system aspects of SharePoint you need to know – but demonstrably bring experience in SharePoint development.

JavaScript/Web UI expert in free cooperation

You are a Web Developer and very familiar with the JavaScript technology? You have a knack for designing Web interfaces? You need the syntax of cascading style sheets and HTML statements usually no longer to look up? You have made perhaps the first steps with HTML5? Then we want to get to know you.
You customize SharePoint solutions in client side and bring your JavaScript knowledge. You will receive from us an insight into the zukunftsorintierte SharePoint technology and acquire such valuable knowledge.
An ambitious and competent SharePoint team awaits you!

We thank all our customers and partners for the numerous, intense and exciting contacts and cooperation this year. It is the year of the “social webs”, more certainly in the private and in the corporate environment. Imagine, Mary and Joseph had can already use the current possibilities of the Internet. How then the Christmas story can unfold? The following article illustrates this in a really interesting way!

Enjoy the quiet days, Perhaps a White Christmas and maybe even again deliberately is a”Offline time”. We look forward to a continuation of the great cooperation in the coming year, and on many exciting projects and collaboration around the theme Enterprise 2.0.

Your team of the Locatech IT solutions

In the last two weeks, we have our aspirants for a training place, Markus Schmitt, engaged in an internship, and he was our companies get to know. Here is his report:


My internship at the Locatech IT solutions started directly in a tight work week and it seemed to be an interesting and informative time. My contacts were known to me already from previous interviews. The Managing Director Dirk Löhn has, After the structure of Locatech GmbH with a focus on "Software localization", as still quite small consulting- and IT companies Locatech IT solutions founded. Martin Schorr was responsible for my IT project, which I could assist in the implementation of a customer project. Where could I know the partially delicate needs and problems from customers. Also Sonja Berger Przyklenk has conveyed insights me in the Organization and the bidding process.

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Now, you will find an overview of our Solutions, Training and Products in our online shop. Look just, by you at the top of the bar on “Shop” Click. As IT systems integrator, we offer mainly customer-specific solutions, standardize is naturally not good as a product can. According to find only a small selection of solutions and products at the time in our shop, which we gradually will expand.

Anyway, you get an impression of our services, and we are pleased about your interest. For more information about a product before ordering, so our customer service is available by phone at +49 231 70022260 do not hesitate to.

What do you think of the idea, as to offer solutions and products through an online store IT system House? We look forward to your comments.

Designed to meet the needs of users and IT administrators offers Locatech IT solutions GmbH Training and advanced training specific to SharePoint technologies and their introduction in companies on. For users, improving cooperation in the team in the foreground are in this training. There are u.a. the following questions answered:

  • What are the benefits SharePoint provides for non-technical users?
  • How can she Email-Effective communication through SharePoint?
  • How can the storage and comment/approval of team documents simplifies and (partial)be automated?
  • How can the employees continue to use its Office applications such as Word or Excel and still take advantage of the SharePoint platform?
  • What typical work processes can be simply simplify SharePoint?

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New. Individual. Sociable. With these slogans we came yesterday from the MEiM. The day of the Congress was successful. Under the motto “Be more productive with IT” our visitors about the use of blogs and WIKIs were able to get in the companies inform or simply improve their handicap at the virtual golf game. Stood in the foreground of the talks, by IT-Solutions Streamlined processes and reduce costs. Our project time recording timeSTAMP © is a good example of this, and found a ready market.

All readers a nice Pfingswochenende!

On Wednesday the 27.5. starts MEiM at the Dortmund Westfalenhallen Congress Centre. Our preparations are almost complete. Find out at our booth options, with low budget Solutions to realize the automation of your business processes. At our booth C21, you get interesting articles on topics like

  • Introduction of ERP systems in the Medium-sized businesses
  • Automate management processes with SharePoint
  • Integration of SAP and SharePoint

You'll also get a free version of our visitors Project time recording software timeStamp as well as our Contract management solution eContract (Light version).

And you have the opportunity, from the professional Timon Löhn on the Nintendo WII virtual tennis- or to educate professional golfer!

Take advantage of the opportunity and sign up free of charge http://www.meim.de with our booking code LCHD9FH, or simply send a short email to It@locatech.com with the subject: “Registration for MEiM”.

We look forward to seeing you!